The surroundings of La Verte

La Verte is situated in the rolling hills of the Dordogne near the village of Villars.
Life unfolds here in the regularity of the seasons.
Villars has a lot to offer its visitors.

Château Puyguilhem is a beautiful castle from the era of the early Renaissance. This harmonious structure with large and small towers in different shapes and beautifully decorated cornices contains authentic furniture and wall hangings. It is one of the most beautiful castles of the Dordogne.

The ruins of the Abbaye de Boschaud from the 12the century offer a wonderful picnic spot. This is a very quiet place with a long history.

“The Blue Horse” is the best known cave painting (over 15.000 years old) in the Grottes de Villars, caves with stalactite caves and remains of prehistoric paintings.

Saint Jean de Côle
A great bicycle tour goes from La Verte to Saint-Jean-de-Côle, but of course, you can go by car if you like. After a stroll through the village you will understand why quite some historic movies have been recorded here. There also are sufficient sideway cafés to take a break.

The castle, the bridge and the priory provide a very authentic atmosphere.

Everywhere in the town of Brantôme you can hear the water gurgle. Immediately after entering the village you will be impressed by the enormous abbey. The old buildings, the stillness of the water and the green of the parks give Brantôme a serene appearance. Except for Fridays, on Friday Brantôme is a hive of activities because of the market.

From this “Venice of the Dordogne” it is possible to make different tours by canoe.

ZonnebloemenThe road from Brantôme, along the river Dronne, really is magnificent. The Dronne has wear out a beautiful valley. Under the overhanging rocks, you drive to the little village of Bourdeilles, just half an hour away from La Verte.

The village has been built on a rock, around a castle. It is a lively village and that might have something to do with its most well-known inhabitant, Pierre de Bourdeilles, who combined being the prior of the abbey with writing spicy stories.


In the entire area walking trails have been plotted and they even go just along La Verte. A survey is obtainable with the local Office de Tourisme (Tourist Office). Of course we can also supply walking maps.

The surroundings of La Verte are very suitable to make excellent biking tours. If you are well trained you can make longer tours. We have plotted a number of tours.

Champs RomainCanoeing:
At several places in the environment canoes are for rent. The river Dronne can be canoed from Brantôme. A very beautiful tour goes to Bourdeilles (

From Corgnac you can canoe the river L’Isle.

Through the trees:
In Nontron you’ll find the Parc Périgord Vert Aventures. They have made a climb and clamber routing through the trees with cables. You can walk through the crowns of the trees. Quit exiting, but everything has been constructed in a safe way.

Saint SaudSwimming
Apart from the swimming pool of La Verte, there are a couple of swimming opportunities. Nearest is the little lake with beach in Saint-Saud.

In the neighbourhood of La Verte there are several golf courses:

  • Golf d’Essendiéras: 9 holes golf course near to Saint-Médard-d’Exideuil.
  • Golf de Périgeux: 18 holes. The golf course is situated on the L’Isle in the village Marsac.
  • Golf de Saint-Junien: 18 holes. A golf course in the Limousin, between Limoges and Angoulême.

The environment

Jazz in Villars

Jazz in Villars