Route description


  1. The route to La Verte from the north, normally goes via Paris.
  2. From Lille follow the A1 to Paris. There you have to follow the signs to Bordeaux. You will be on the A10 in the direction of Orléans.
  3. Near Orléans you turn off to the A71 in the direction of Clermont-Ferrand/Toulouse/Vierzon.
  4. Near Vierzon follow the A20 in the direction of Toulouse/Limoges.
  5. From this moment the road is duty free.
  6. Take turn 28: Angoulême/Aéroport Bellegarde/Périgeux.
  7. Keep following Périgueux. You will be on the N21 Châlus/Périgueux.
  8. After Chalûs stay on the N21 for approximately 4 more kilometers till you pass Firbeix.
  9. After Firbeix you will see big signs with “Grottes de Villars”. Follow these signs (D82).
  10. After Miallet follow the signs Villars till the junction with the D707.
  11. Take the direction Milhac de Nontron.
  12. In Milhac go left to Villars.
  13. After 3 kilometers go to the right when you see the sign Laschenaud.
  14. Drive up the road and there you will see “La Verte”.
  • Our GPS-coordinates are latitude 45.26’31.97 and longitude 0.45’51.17

There are several airports in the neighbourhood with good connections.

  1. Bergerac: Bergerac Aéroport is a small efficient airport. You can rent a car o the spot.
    The trip from Bergerac to “La Verte” takes approximately one hour and 15
  2. Limoges: Airport Bellegarde in Limoges can be useful because there are several flights between Paris and Limoges every day. This airport maintains especially connections with British airports.
    Here also you can easily rent a car. The travel time from Limoges to La Verte is approximately one
  3. Bordeaux: If you travel via Paris, the airport Bordeaux also is a possibility. The connection is maintained by Air France.
    The travel time to “La Verte” is a longer (two hours by car)
  4. Brive: The trip from Brive to “La Verte” takes approximately one hour and 15 minutes.
    Connection with London and several other aerports in the UK.

There are several connections with large stations in the neighbourhood. From Paris the TGV goes to Angoulême or Limoges.

From Limoges there is a local train to Thiviers (15 km from “La Verte”).

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